Visceral Art
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Music Videos


Our mission was to create a homage to The Cures early 00’s videos and represent the cover in a comedic/light fashion. We sat down to work and drafted up an idea that both respected the past and threw in some of our signature humor. Channeling the early era of garage bands and limited resources we shot it in our moms garage. To truly make the video it is entirely shot on VHS 8mm cameras, the character and charm of those cameras cannot be replicated any other way.

“Aw hell yeah epic cover fellas. Really enjoyed the intresting concept for the video bro” -YouTube Comment


This music video we started talking about with the band in late 2018, this little idea of recreating this very retro feel and look with some of the most iconic television personalities. After gathering inspo and drafting this concept up on and off over 6 months we started production. This video meant a lot to us and honed in tightly on our creative vision, our favorite piece to date.

“the shooting star at the end was kool” -YouTube Comment

Whens The Last Time 

We worked with Lucy Daydream to create a bizarre, psychedelic, lazy feeling style of world. To create this world we used green screen techniques, animation, and a bunch of handmade drawings and tracings.

“The art of getting someone on LSD without even giving them actual LSD is art only lcydaydream can do“ -YouTube Comment


Red is the product of a bunch of wonderful people coming together to make something amazing. We had the pleasure to work closely with the band and some amazing friends to produce this piece. Almost all of the effects being done practically minus a few. It is a video we are extremely proud of.

“This is pretty gangsta” -YouTube Comment


Dizzy was an idea we conceptualized at coffee with the band, again the psychedelic and dream vibes were the vision the band approached us with. The sets in this video are made entirely out of cardboard and were handcrafted by Rocket Steam Productions

“Where'd you guys get all of the cardboard?” -YouTube Comment

Losin’ My Head

This was our first music video working with Lucy Daydream, wanting to make a bizarre lasting first impression for their debut original song. Our pre-production was mostly laughing and testing different effects. We decided on the effect of creating jarring faces by moving the eyes and mouths around.

“what is this, sequel to annoying orange? video is great and the song itself is banging! very nice! C: “ -YouTube Comment

A Feeling With A View

A feeling with a views goal and vision was to show the world they are real people, not nightmare monsters as our previous video portrayed them. Shooting the entire video in our gorgeous home state we are extremely happy with how it turned out, a captivating video with a beautiful song.

“I think it's awesome you and Russell Brand are making music, Keep up the good work!“ -YouTube Comment