Visceral Art
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Promotional Pieces

Electric scooter giveaway

Our mission was to capture an audience with a giveaway announcement but throw a ton of nostalgia in. We shot for shot recreated one of our favorite scenes from Napoleon Dynamite. This one had a massive return and people all over the country shared it, super fun shoot, end product is super dope.

2018 keggs + eggs recap

Stayloose approached us wanting to capture footage of local station KTCL 93.3 Keggs + Eggs early last year for his use, later in the year he wanted to create a promotional piece for his fall tour. We decided to shoot an interview and create a short doc piece surrounding the keggs + eggs event to advertise what a show looks like and promote his tour.

free real estate

Although doesn’t actually exist, we wanted to make a mock ad testing and demoing our animation capabilities and see what we can create. It started as a silly script and ended with as a full for web ad.


Neuruns innovative running app, that shows a runner the track before the race even begins. Prior to filming we agreed on capturing an actual race, with real runners. The end goal of the video being a piece that shows the bonding/fun that goes into a race while showing the app in use.

*One of our favorite productions, hanging out of Westfalias with gimbals and almost tripping over runners.

LDD album announcement

Working with Lucy Daydream on their music videos, we jumped at the opportunity to do some real weird creative exploration. We made something that people would not be forgetting, it would be in your face. This was a video where we got to tap into our sense of humor and allow some creative freedom. The video resulted in not only getting fans attention but drawing new fans in.

ldd album advert

After the praise and support from the initial album announcement we made another advertisement piece letting people know the album is now out. A huge thank you to the band for letting us get weird and make something more humorous and eye-catching.

wu mountain tea kickstarter

For Wu Mountain they wanted to showcase the Gongfu Tea Ceremony using visuals, while also giving information on the ceremony and the story behind the business. Using advanced Motion Graphics we added an element of life you just wouldn't get with traditional over layed text. The project was successfully funded on Kickstarter raising $20,000!


Working in the Co-Working space Spark, located in the heart of Boulder. Aidan and Marco ran LiftOff a program to help young entrepreneurs help grow their ideas and bring them into functioning businesses. Our production goals were to promote the program and draw more potential entrepreneurs to help accelerate their businesses.