Visceral Art


b. 1986, HK.



  • Lucy Daydream

  • Jack LNDN

  • Stayloose

  • Wana

  • University of Wyoming

  • Excel Sports

  • + More

our gear:

  • Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K

  • Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K

  • A7sii

  • Three Canon 6D’s

  • Rokinon Cine T1.5 24mm

  • Rokinon Cine T1.5 50mm

  • Rokinon Cine T1.5 35mm

  • Rokinon Cine T1.5 80mm

  • 2 Studio Pro 1200xb LED Lights

  • 2 Studio Pro 900xb LED Lights

  • Ronin-M

  • Production Miller Fluid Head Tripod

  • Manfrotto Fluid Head 504HD Tripod

  • Mavic-Air Drone

  • Small HD 702 Lite Monitor

  • Rode Link LAV Mics

  • NTG 3 Shotgun Mic

  • Zoom H6 Audio Recorder

  • Rode Blimp Kit


Visceral Art is about making content that people can’t look away from. Be it so bizarre, so interesting, so beautiful or just bitchin’. Our passion and love lies in creative freedom and working with clients who believe in our vision and we believe in theirs. We are Denver based but travel all over. The work we do can fall anywhere from the most romantic love-story you’ve ever seen to making a room full of 15 people look like the headliner of a music festival.

We look forward to working with you.